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As electromagnetic organisms, humans react to external frequencies with the vibrations of their own bodies. A disruption of the cells by negative information brings biologic processes out of balance and causes physical and mental stress. The GREEN 8 ® technology can effectively neutralize the negative frequencies of the electromagnetic fields.

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For unencumbered phone use at home & on the road

GREEN 8 evolution 5G

The GREEN 8 evolution, which has been tried and tested for many years, has now been adapted to the new 5G technology and offers reliable protection when making calls with smartphones or DECT phones.

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Transformer 28 5G

Neutralizes and harmonizes radiation, creating a soothing, positive energy quality in your home.

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EMF Clearing Card

The EMF Clearing Card was created to clear the body's energy field from time to time

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Platinum award for Bauer Protective Systems

Janey Lee Grace is one of England’s leading advisors for health, wellness and conscious living. She regularly warns about the risks of electrosmog and radiation exposure and has been recommending BAUER BIOTEC products. For the 10th year in a row, she recently presented our UK distributor BIO PROTECTIVE SYSTEMS once again with the JANEY LOVES PLATINUM AWARD.

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Today, BAUER BIOTEC products are used in more than 10 countries by individuals who want to purposefully improve their daily quality of life with positive energy.

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