Questions asked by our customers

How do electrosmog and radiation affect the human organism?

  • Exposure to radiation from mobile phones, WiFis, smartphones, DECT phones, high-voltage lines, geopathic interference zones such as earth radiation, water veins, etc. stresses the entire body and weakens the immune system.
  • The direct effects are usually sleep disturbances, inner nervousness and restlessness, unusual tiredness, lack of concentration, feeling of stress and an unpleasant feeling when talking on the phone, as well as headaches.
  • It is especially noticeable that personal vitality (energy) is much lower than normal - especially in people who are more highly stressed.

Why is good power quality so important, especially today?

  • A good and natural energy quality gives strength, balance, strengthens the immune system, one feels more efficient and typical complaints/stresses do not occur.

How do BAUER BIOTEC products protect from electro-smog?

  • In which they NEUTRALIZE the radiation - the radiation is not blocked or shielded - so the radiation no longer has a negative effect on the body.
  • The special thing is that the radiation is not only NEUTRALIZED but the products create a natural healthy energy quality that resonate in the body with the stresses - neutralize and eliminate them.
  • How does it show ? Typical complaints improve very quickly or say goodbye within 10-15 days (in case of exposure to mobile radio transmitters, WiFi's...)

For whom are the products suitable?

  • For all people who want to protect themselves effectively or who report acute discomfort and are looking for a permanent solution.

What are the noticeable effects?
Using the example of exposure to mobile radio transmitters, WIFis:

  • That especially sleep disorders, inner nervousness and unusual fatigue immediately noticeably improve
  • Personal vitality (energy) increases very quickly to a normal healthy level - within days
  • The energy quality that can be measured today in most apartments, houses, offices is very low - measured in BOVIS: 170 - 200 !!!
  • The minimum value should be 6,500 - but is not reached anywhere
  • With the use of the TRANSFORMER 28-5G the customer receives a BOVIS VALUE of: 17,500 !!! - This energy value is responsible for the fact that the typical and mentioned complaints say goodbye within 10 - 15 days - this is proven by the numerous test results and reports from our customers worldwide.

How soon will I notice a difference?

  • Depending on the load and product very quickly within days.

Which products are the best to start with?

  • Smartphones Mobile phones, DECT phones: GREEN 8 evolution 5G
  • WiFi Router: TRANSFORMER 22 -30 - up to 10 x WiFi's from the neighborhood
  • TRANSFORMER 28-5G - the ideal "ALL IN ONE PRODUCT" against mobile radio transmitters, WiFi's, geopathic interference zones - for everything that occurs from the outside and from the inside at various radiation loads.
  • EMF - CLEARING CARD - for the immediate relief - decontamination of the body in 5-10 minutes - the perfect companion in your wallet

What is the service life of the products?

  • The products do not lose their energy and effectiveness
  • Only if the mobile phone technology changes, the protection factor will be reduced.

What is the best place for the TRANSFOMRER 28-5G?

  • On the floor, on a cabinet or shelf - where you can lay out the T-28 exactly to NORTH and where the plate does not interfere - 35 x 35 x 10 mm.

How do I install the TRANSFORMER 28 5G?

  • Select a good, non-disturbing place and align it exactly to the NORTH using the integrated compass
  • We check the NORTH alignment to the distance - for this we need the exact address

What is the difference between harmonization and shielding?

  • Shielding is the attempt to eliminate radiation - this is not practicable, because then e.g. telephone calls are no longer possible and healthy natural energy is no longer fully available.
  • Harmonization means that harmful radiation no longer affects the body and all technical devices can be used without restriction