What our customers say

The testimonials of our customers are a valuable confirmation and a great incentive for us.
Here are some of the most recent comments:

I am impressed!

What I can say so far is that my husband is no longer so under pressure, his nerves have calmed down. I slept badly the first few days, almost fell out of bed - that's how I turned in my sleep. After that, sleep was and is so far very restful and good! I am impressed.

Day of gratitude and joy

We went to our alternative practitioner for a dark field blood test. The results: with my husband "almost in the green area", only small money roll nests, with me "a beautiful picture" everything moves and flows harmoniously. A day of gratitude and joy.

It really works

For many months I have felt sluggish, short of breath and constantly tired. After much consideration and the advice of a doctor, I ordered the Transformer 28-5G. The fact is that my shortness of breath and fatigue have disappeared. I have also become more efficient and I am not sick as often. The TRANSFORMER 28-5G works for me.

Friendlier to himself

When we installed the T-28-5G in October, I had a toothache and a virus, so I was very sick for 2-3 weeks. Then we were away for a few days. Now we have been home for 2 weeks, and we are sleeping better, and I have noticed that my husband is less worried - he is kinder to himself. I too have noticed that I feel better physically and mentally.

What a gift

There is no placebo effect with plants and animals. Our cat is very sick and has been afraid of people all her life. Now she comes near the TRANSFORMERS 28-5G and even lets us pet her gently. What a gift. It is a miracle!

Thank you very much!

In the meantime, we can report that sleep has improved as well as our well-being! Our plants are also thriving much better than before :)

Simply gone

I always had to deal with inner restlessness and especially towards afternoon/evening with a fast pulse - approx. 95 - 100 pulse beats/min. In the evening in bed I often could not rest and sleep for a long time. I even got sleeping pills against it. Since the day the Transformer was installed in our house, it is gone. Simply gone! I didn't even have an elevated pulse anymore.

I would not have expected that!

My heart rhythm disturbances were blown away after about 2 weeks. That is the most amazing thing for me, I would not have expected that. For me, as a mother of three, it is very reassuring that we are protected from radiation and other forms of radiation such as mobile phone masts, WLAN etc. I also have the Body Harmonizer. I always have it around my neck. I don't leave the house without it. At work I have the Transformer 22-30 and I am also very satisfied with it. I sit near two WLAN routers and often had headaches. Now I really only have that very rarely.

I am so happy!

I am very sensitive to energies and suffered a lot from the pylons at the end of the road and also from WiFi. When I received my first Transformer and WiFi Transformer 22, I felt the energy flowing peacefully through the house and my whole body relaxed!

Serenity and tranquility

As I myself am steadily experiencing the positive effects, finally being able to sleep and move through my life during the day with an increasing balance and calm, I am very very grateful to be using your articles and can only confirm what you have found out.