Transmitters in our homes.

Wireless wifi connections.
Wifi facilitates convenient wireless connections to the Internet. A comfort no one wants to do without anymore today. Wifi is not only a matter of course at the workplace, in hotels, restaurants and public facilities but also at home. Today, there is a wifi router in almost every household and a prerequisite for flexible telecommuting at the home office, mobile telephony, digital TV and streaming. However, for our body and mind it can be a source of severe stress. More and more individuals feel tense, restless, dazed and drained in their own homes without identifiable causes. Do you have problems falling asleep or staying asleep or have you experienced cardiac abnormalities? These symptoms may be caused by high-frequency wifi radiation emissions.
Our solution: In order to harmonize wifi routers and effectively protect your home office, BAUER BIOTEC developed the TRANSFORMER 22. Placed near your router, the TRANSFORMER 22 neutralizes the pulsed radiation lastingly.

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