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Reliable protection and positive energy.
bauer∞biotec has been developing proven solutions for over 20 years, successfully used in 10 countries.

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Type: Transformer PVC-Plate

Positive Energie for life: TRANSFORMER 28 5G


Neutralizing radiation, optimizing room quality.

The TRANSFORMER 28-5G is designed for the new 5G mobile communications technology and resonates with the 5G frequency spectrum. It neutralizes and harmonizes 5G radiation emissions and facilitates a pleasant and positive energy quality in your home.Within a radius of 33 meters, theTRANSFORMER 28-5G creates a protective zone from electromagnetic radiation. At the same time, geopathic stress zones, such as water veins or Earth radiation as well as wifi emissions from neighboring routers, are reliably neutralized as well.

Place the TRANSFORMER 28 5G on the floor or on a shelf and align it to true north using the built-in compass.

Apartments, homes, offices, practices, stables4G +5G mobile radiation emissions, transmitter stations, TVs, radar, wifi, solar systems, smart meters, geopathic stress zones, Earth radiation, water veins

• Developed for 4G and 5G technology
• All-in-one product: The T-285G neutralizes mobile radiation as well as emissions from up to 10 surrounding WIFI routers. Protective range in a radius of up to 33 meters.
• Users report that they feel more relaxed and balanced.
• Typical symptoms of discomfort, such as restlessness, inner tension, headaches or tingling in hands or legs, gradually diminish.
• Sleep disorders subside. For more than 10 wifi routers in the neighborhood, we recommend the additional use of a TRANSFORMER 22-100.Sleep disorders subside. For more than 10 wifi routers in the neighborhood, we recommend the additional use of a TRANSFORMER 22-100.

Mode of action
TheTRANSFORMER 28-5G is informed and programmed in a special process. It not only neutralizes the radiation, but also creates a positive energy quality at the same time. The energy quality indoors is measured in BOVIS units. Due to electromagnetic radiation emissions, the BOVIS value in most homes and apartments is very low nowadays. The minimum threshold should be at 6,500 BOVIS which is rarely ever reached. With the correct use of the T-28-5G, theBOVIS value in your home can increase to approx. 17,500 BOVIS.

How will I notice this?
You will feel better overall and have more energy and strength. Typical radiation-related symptoms of discomfort will gradually diminish within 1-2 weeks.

What you should know
Radiation is and will always be present - it is not shielded or reduced. It is rather NEUTRALIZED and thus no longer negatively affects the body and other biological systems.These experiences have been confirmed by our customers worldwide - for more than 18 years.

How can the effect be tested?
The effect of the T-28-5G can only be verified via the human body with the help of a biofeedback system. A test to determine biological stress levels using aNilas digital heart rate analyzer demonstrates that stress values are cut in half while the free life energy doubles.